The FlukeTi55ft infrared camera is based on IR fusion Technology which captures a visible light image in addition to the infrared image. Smartview IR analysis & reporting software is included inside its box with each purchase along with free software upgrades. For best images, professional technicians prefer this model because it helps in identifying & reporting the suspect components and repair them.
Fluke Ti55ft infrared camera

IR fusion technology

Fluke IR fusion technology basically links a thermal image with a real -world visual image. It creates picture-in-picture combinations by merging two images into one, while pinpointing the components with the visible light image, alarm limits can be superimposed over it if it exceeds the specified temperature limit. For use in reports, both the visual & thermal images are available which speed up the documentation by reducing the need to look for individual images taken with a separate digital camera.

IR fusion technology Diagram

Infrared image, Visible Image and blended infrared & visible image

  1. Infrared images: are those images produced as a result of sensing electromagnetic radiations emitted or reflected from a given target surface in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  2. Visible images: are those images which we can see by naked eyes. The exact original image of any substance which we can view from our eyes is considered as a visible image.
  3. Blended infrared & visible image: considered as combined image of infrared & visible. The IR fusion technology on which this camera based combines an Infrared & visible image into a single instrument so the scene can be viewed and recorded in both visible & infrared radiation. The visible light is corrected for parallax to match the infrared image, so the visible & infrared scene can overlay each other on the camera screen.
With the blended image, if the infrared contrast is low & there is a very little structure in the infrared image you can precisely identify the location of an infrared feature of the interest. As shown in the Figure below you can see how the exact location of the poorly insulated spot on a wall is aided by seeing a small visible mark in the blended image.
Ti55ft infrared only,visible only and blended images
Do you know  this camera have different types of Display modes? Click here: Display Modes

Key features of FlukeTi55ft infrared camera

  1. Built in visible light (Digital) camera.
  2. It has laser pointer used for easy targeting your object.
  3. It provides choice of 3 interchangeable lenses to cover every application
  4. To view images in every situation it uses 180°articulating flexible lens.
  5. It has high thermal sensitivity for viewing even the smallest temperature differences: <0.05°C.
  6. Windows® CE- based menu structure for ease of use.
  7. In dark environments for high-quality images it has Flash & Torch light.
  8. Ensures 2 year warranty.
  9. Temperature range to cover broad industrial applications: -20 to +600°C (-4 to 1112°F).
  10. To easily pinpoint suspect components, it captures IR-Fusion blending thermal and visible light images.
  11. User defined text annotations for simplified reporting.
  12. It has IR/Visible Alarm function.
  13. It has a Large 5″ high contrast color LCD for a clear picture independent of lighting conditions.
  14. For detailed temperature analysis and tracking it is fully radiometric.
  15. Uses SmartView software for reporting & analysis.
  16. On- board analysis functions.

After going through its introduction you are more curious about its functions and operating modes, so go through it for its brief description.

In which country it is available for sale and what’s in its box includes while ordering?

It is available for sale in United States & Canada only. FlukeTi55ft infrared camera kit includes:

  1. Battery charger.
  2. 512 MB compact flash card.
  3. Video cable.
  4. Two rechargeable battery packs.
  5. Heavy duty carrying case.
  6. User Manual on Compact disk.
  7. Neck Strap.
  8. Calibration Certificate.
  9. PCMCIA compact flash card reader.
  10. SmartView reporting & analysis software on CD.

Applications of FlukeTi55ft infrared camera

Typical applications of FlukeTi55ft infrared camera are:

  1. In Research & Development department to improve product designs, this camera quantifies heat patterns.
  2. Due to its predictive maintenance property it identifies electrical & mechanical problems before they cause failure.
  3. Do close up circuit board analysis.
  4. It basically used in power/utility department because it performs real time analysis of substations, transmission line & equipment.
  5. In Process monitoring because it gave Real-time observation to ensure efficient and safe operation.
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