What is Maintenance in manufacturing?

Maintenance in Manufacturing The dictionary defines maintenance as “the work of keeping something in proper condition” or “the process of preserving a condition or situation“. The technical meaning of maintenance involves regular & routine Cleaning, checking, servicing, repairing or replacing the parts in order to prevent the breakdown of a machine Or machine tool. What is the need for maintenance? In manufacturing, equipment and machines are very important resources that are constantly used for producing products. So, these must be kept in the best operating condition. Otherwise, Poor working of machines & equipment will lead to quality-related problems or there will be …

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Manufacturing Processes : Detailed fundamental Guide

What is Manufacturing? Making things has been an essential activity of human civilizations since before recorded history. Today, the term manufacturing is used for this activity. The word manufacture is derived from two Latin words, manus (hand) and factus (make); the combination means made by hand. In the modern context, it involves making products from raw material by using various processes, by making use of hand tools, machinery or even computers. Technologically, manufacturing is the application of physical and chemical processes to alter the geometry, properties, and/or appearance of a given starting material to make parts or products; manufacturing also includes …

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Press tool clearance

Basic Principles Of Sheet Metal Stamping

Theory of Stamping The cutting of sheet metal in a stamping work is a shearing process. As the punch touches the sheet metal and travels downwards, it pushes the material into die opening. The material is subjected to both compressive and tensile stresses. These stresses will be highest at the edges of die and punch and material will stressing beyond its elastic limit and start cracking there. 3 Steps of shearing or fracture in a cutting operation. Stressing the material beyond its elastic limit. Plastic deformation due to reduction in area fracturing starts in a reduced area. Forces Disposition The …

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Press Tool Design Basics

Before design of Press tool, it is necessary to understand the configuration and components of press tool. The press tool consists Punch/ Punches, Die, Punch Plate, Backup plate, Stripper, ejectors many more component. For better understand the main components of press and dies, just have a look on the given figure. Press Working Terminology Ram ( Slide) : Moving Component of press which transfer the mechanical or hydraulic force from Flywheel /hydraulic system to the Press tool for sheet metal stamping. Shank : The shank is used as a part for installing the top die in the slide of the press machine. Punch …

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What is Sheet Metal Stamping Process

Today we are surrounded by sheet metal objects like automotive parts, Car body, Disk-Brake, Gaskets, Door/ window hardware, Electronic appliances components, and cabinets, coins,  Cooking or serving utensils i.e. plate, spoons, glasses, etc. Almost every sheet metal product is made by Metal Stamping. What is  Sheet Metal  Stamping Process? As per Wikipedia Sheet Metal stamping  (also known as pressing) is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape. In simple words, we can understand it as Sheet Metal …

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LED or Light Emitting Diodes: Definitive Basic Guide

Ever seen small bulbs probably in size of a millimeter that we mostly use in decorating our house, shop, etc in Christmas, New Year, Diwali or any other occasions? They are LED Bulbs. Though very tiny but they glow brightly in the dark. Some of them just glow constantly, and some of them switch their state On/Off and vice-versa. I hope you have got an idea of what we are going to discuss in this article. If not, see the image below for better understanding. Yes, we are going to learn about Light Emitting diodes and LED lights their working and …

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Different Types of Electrical Panels and their benefits

Electrical panels are the home to electrical housing and electrical components. They are useful towards securing all the electrical components and provides for cost-effective reliability as well. They also provide for a well classified and neatly categorized substation from where you can control the functioning of many of the electrical components and circuits. Electrical panels can vary in their strength and size and may take the form of main breaker panel, the main lug panel and the sub panel. The electrical panel is also the place where the different breaker components and switches are located. The new building electric codes …

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car wheel locks image

Wheel locks: What are they and how they work

What Are Wheel Locks? Before we discuss how wheel locks work, let’s define what they are. These devices are installed instead of the lug nuts. They cannot be removed by anything but the particular key in the set. The type of wheel lock is different according to the wheel style. But how do they work? It is a common question to those who have encountered the term wheel locks for their custom rims and wheels. For one, these locks work to protect your flashy custom rims against thieves or people who do not buy their own. These rims are incredible …

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Common types of soldering iron and how to choose them

What is a Soldering iron? A soldering iron is a handy tool that can be used for soldering at home or commercial facilities. The tool has a metallic tip with insulated handle attached to it. When giving current , the metallic tip provides heat to the solder. The solder is a metal allow that fuses into the gap between 2 metals needed to be join. By heating solder, it melts and fuses between the metals joining them permanently. Depending on the requirement, there are many different types of irons to choose from. The type of soldering projects you commonly do …

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Gunn Diode Explaination

What is a Gunn diode A Gunn Diode is a microwave semiconductor diode designed to work in devices having microwave frequencies. Microwave Frequencies are electromagnetic radiation of tremendously high frequencies (THF), (maximum working frequency up to 3 THz, this depends on the material used in its structure). The most common materials used in their manufacturing process are GaAs (Gallium Arsenide), and GaN (Gallium Nitride). In that process, microwave diodes require a unique environment (from lead due to sensitivity to electromagnetic pulses). The symbol of this diode is as shown below: Gunn diodes have short switching times due to their design. …

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