smart maintenance

Industry 4.0 : Industrial Maintenance to Smart maintenance System

Industrial maintenance of a production process is one of the most essential planning items to identify, improve and control the health problems of the machines and to reduce the downtime of the production process due to these problems. Humans are still responsible for this task in recent technology, but several systems are proposed to enable machines to have the self-maintenance ability.[irp posts=”3039″ name=”Industrial Maintenance or Maintenance in manufacturing”] In recent years, the maintenance management system is focused on the role of maintenance to contribute to value for the business. The purpose was that the maintenance should not be viewed only …

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inventory control

What is Inventory? An Easy and Detailed Guide on Inventory Management

Inventory generally refers to the materials in stock.  Inventories represent those items that are either stocked for sale or they are in the process of manufacturing or they are in the form of materials, which are yet to be utilized. It is a necessary production module of the Production planning process and Operation Management to hold various kinds of inventories as a buffer between supply and demand for the efficient operation of the system. Thus, effective inventory management is a must for the smooth and efficient running of the production cycle with fewer interruptions. From Raw materials to final products, …

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production line

What is Mass Production? Definition, Principles , advantages & disadvantages

Mass production enables people around the globe to acquire food, clothing, housing, medical supplies, cars, and much more. In other words, it helps people survive and evolve. Today, manufacturers can quickly meet consumer demand and make a profit at the same time. Meanwhile, consumers save money because mass production is efficient. Mass production was conducted as early as the 6th century BC by the Phoenicians in making bricks with a vast labour force. Mass production was advanced in the United States in the 19th century by employing the principle of interchangeability. With the principle of mass production, standardized parts are …

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production planning

What is Production Planning Process? An Easy Guide

Production planning and scheduling are two important subset processes of operations management to increase efficiency in manufacturing and improve effectiveness in customer service. Production planning determines what, when, and how much to produce to meet the customer’s needs, without excessive inventory or backorder costs. Scheduling determines how to achieve the goals set in production planning when the resources are limited; and, if the goals cannot be realized, how best to set new goals that are optimum and practical with the available resources.[irp posts=”3366″ name=”The Basics of the Operations Management”] What is Production Planning Process? As per Wikipedia “Production planning is …

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The Basics of the Operations Management

Manufacturing industries produce and supply products to customers at a price that they are willing to pay. Manufacturing industries achieve this aim while making a profit for their shareholders. The manufacturing industries have to compete in the open market. The product price is therefore determined by the competition, and the only way to increase profit is to reduce production and distribution costs. This means managing and operating the organization in an efficient manner. Operations Management has been recognized as an important factor in an organization’s economic growth. The traditional view of manufacturing management is the concept of Production Management with …

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Smart manufacturing

Lean Production/ Lean Manufacturing Systems for Industry 4.0

Today many industries have accepted both lean manufacturing and industry 4.0 to maintain the quality of their products and services consistent on-demand. Lean Producers adopts the philosophy of doing more with less by eliminating non-value-added activities from production processes to maintain effectiveness, flexibility, and profitability. With the context of Industry 4.0, new solutions are available for combining automation technology with Lean Production. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. To accomplish …

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3D printing in manufacturing

What is Additive Manufacturing? 3D Printing Basic Principles

Additive Manufacturing is a very important and essential topic in Industry 4.0 transformation. Additive Manufacturing may be defined as a computer-controlled 3D Printing process that creates 3-dimensional objects by depositional materials such as proper polymers, ceramics, or metals in multiple layers of equal thickness. These objects are built layer by layer which is in contrast to traditional manufacturing that often requires machining or other techniques to remove surplus material. In details, additive manufacturing is initiated by forming computer-aided design (CAD) and modeling that arranges a set of digital features of the product and submit descriptions of the items to industrial …

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industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0? The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The term “Industry 4.0” which was first announced from the German government as one of the key initiatives and highlights a new industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 represents the fourth industrial revolution that has occurred in manufacturing industries. Industry 4.0 optimizes the computerization of Industry 3.0 where machines are digitally connected with one another and create and share information and communicate with one another to ultimately make decisions without human involvement.   What is Industry 4.0? The term Industry 4.0 defined as “A combination of communication and networking (Industrial Internet), embedded systems (Cyber-Physical Systems), adaptive robotics, cybersecurity, data analytics, and artificial …

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Preventive Maintenance guide

What is Preventive maintenance? A basic Detailed guide

The performance of a machine or equipment depends not only on its design and manufacturing operating environment, usage, and so on but also on the maintenance carried out since proper functioning over an extended time period requires effective industrial maintenance. Definition Of Preventive Maintenance “Preventive maintenance actions are carried out according to prescribed criteria of time, usage, or condition and are intended to reduce the probability of failure or the functional degradation of an Asset or Machine.“ Preventive maintenance is an absolute requirement of asset reliability and effective management of asset life cycle costs. An effective maintenance organization must dedicate …

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industrial equipment

Wide classification of Industrial Manufacturing Equipment? or Industrial Machinery?

Industrial equipment or industrial machines are widely used in the manufacturing of various products using labor, machines, tools, chemical, and biological processing, or formulation. Industrial Equipments also used for material handling, industrial safety, Material storage, packing, Waste management, and industrial transportation. Classifications of Industrial Machines or Manufacturing Equipment Industrial manufacturing equipment may be categorized in many ways i.e. according to size, type of industry, method of actuation, and by the purpose of machine/ equipment. Those categories are as following: Industrial machines or Equipment can be classified according to size: Portable equipment (weighing less than 20 kg) This category includes the …

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