Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer

Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer is the most boost up addition to the Visual IR thermometers family and is widely used for electrical and building services. It is a troubleshooting tool with a built-in digital camera and thermal heat map which makes it an extraordinary & most demandable thermometer as compare to Traditional IR thermometers.In this Tutorial we are going to explain you Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer in brief detail. For basic introduction of this series thermometer click here Fluke VT04 series IR thermometer.
Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer

Infrared thermometer

An infrared thermometer is a thermometer which measures temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation i.e. the blackbody radiation emitted by the object being measured. The design consists of a lens to focus the infrared thermal radiation on to a detector which converts the power into an electrical signal that can be displayed on the screen of the thermometer. Through these thermometers, we can measure the temperature from a distance without any contact.

Features & controls of Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer

Fluke VT04 IR Thermomter controls & features
LCD Display
Power On/Off and Menu
This slot is for Micro SD Memory Card
Tripod Mount
Select/Enter button
Infrared Lens
Rotating Lens Cover (VT02)
Visual Camera
Trigger for Image Capture
Battery Cover
Micro USB Connector (Input 2.5 W, 0.5 A at 5 V)
Battery Charge Status LED

Button Operations of Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer

We can directly access two functions from the buttons: Blending, Capture and save.

(i) Image Blending: 

Image blending makes it easier to understand heat maps through the use of an aligned visible image and infrared heat map. This product captures a visible image with each infrared heat map to exactly show the target area. To use the blending function use or press these keysto adjust the blending from 0% to 100%.The blend options are shown below:
Fluke VT04 IR thermometer image blending

(ii) Capture & Save: 

Fluke VT04 visual IR thermometer saves thousand of images in GB on micro SD memory card after capturing. To capture the image and save it to memory you have to follow these steps:
  1. Point the product at the object which you want to capture.
  2. Pull the trigger to capture the image.
  3. The image remains frozen for 4 seconds.
  4. A dialog box prompts you to either save the image or discard the image.
  5. Push SELECT/ENTER labelled button to save the image and MENU labelled button to discard the image.
After capturing, the display has an icon that shows the current status of the micro SD memory card where you want to save your image. The figure below shows the different symbols of micro SD memory card shows its status.

Meanings of these symbols are:
Symbol indicates that there is No Micro SD memory card in the slot.
Symbol indicates Micro SD memory card error.
Symbol indicates Micro SD memory card empty.
Symbol indicates Micro SD memory card full.

 Vertical Image Alignment control in Fluke VT04 visual IR thermometer

As we know in VT series, the heat map overlay and the visual camera are positioned vertically which will change the vertical parallax with distance to your object. To correct the parallax for near or far distance we are using vertical Image Alignment control.
To toggle a control between a near object or far object you have to push specific buttons as per your need.
  1. Press (NEAR) labelled button for a measurement distance from 15cm to 23 cm (6 in to 9 in).
  2. Press (FAR) labelled button for a measurement distance further than 23cm/ 9in.

The Near and Far icon shows in the upper left of the display in the figure below.

Fluke Vt04 Ir thermometer Vertical alignment control

 Fluke VT04 visual IR thermometer Kit:

Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer kit includes:

  1. USB to micro-USB cable.
  2. Hard case.
  3. Micro-SD card of 4GB.
  4. Rechargeable battery.
  5. Wall plug with worldwide adaptors.
  6. Printed quick start guides (German, English, Spanish, French and simplified Chinese).
  7. Micro-SD conversion adaptor.

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