Wheel locks: What are they and how they work

What Are Wheel Locks?

Before we discuss how wheel locks work, let’s define what they are. These devices are installed instead of the lug nuts. They cannot be removed by anything but the particular key in the set. The type of wheel lock is different according to the wheel style.

But how do they work? It is a common question to those who have encountered the term wheel locks for their custom rims and wheels. For one, these locks work to protect your flashy custom rims against thieves or people who do not buy their own. These rims are incredible and a sight to see, especially among unscrupulous people. They are a clear target for some ill-minded individuals who know the high cost of stealing and reselling your expensive wheels and rim sets. So you always need the wheel locks well for each car.

how car wheel locks work

How Do Wheel Locks Work:

But what’s certain is that you can replace all the lug nuts with them. However, make sure that you’d be using the correct torque to install them and correct torque wrench for your safety. Or else, they will rattle loose in time, the same with lug nuts. If you are not sure which torque wrench you need, even then you need not to worry. You can get every knowledge you want to from this “Best Torque Wrench” guide from my friend website.

You should see to it that the wheel locks are securely seated on the bolt. If not, you might round your key off and have a hard time to get rid of the bolt when you have to.

  1. These wheel locks will require a particular key to install or remove them when you need to.
  2. Before they can be removed, for instance, you must be able to remove the lug nut by using the key coming along with the set you bought.
  3. Using the wheel locks, you should also insert the key into the same socket you’re using to remove the other lug nuts.
  4. Also, you should have a socket wrench to remove the wheel lock lug nuts. Wheel locks also work each per wheel.
  5. When trying to install the lug nut, you should see to it that you are applying the correct torque specification.
  6. When done, you should be able to keep the wheel lock in a place you can easily remember in your car because you will need it when you’d need to take your vehicle for a service, such as when replacing a flat tire. If you feel comfortable doing things by yourself, do not think twice about seeking help from the pros.

Why do you need Wheel Locks?

Today, more than ever, the number of rim theft increases. Using wheel locks for your car now becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. They can give you peace of mind, especially when parking your car in an unfamiliar or dark place. Of course, if you have a choice, you should not park your vehicle in such areas, but pick a crowded one to ensure that there will be more people to witness in case someone would attempt to steal your rims.

Know that thieves go for the best targets so that they can sell the stolen goods at higher prices. With wheel locks, you can have peace of mind that the deterrents can discourage criminals.

For one, they are hard to remove because each requires a particular, unique key to fit around it. The unique key is what makes the wheel lock impossible to take out even with a prying tool that criminals use. Wheel locks also match the beauty of your custom rims because they look as beautiful and they lock down in place very well versus traditional lug nuts.


Again, wheel locks work to protect and secure your custom rims from thieves. They are an effective anti-theft deterrent you would need if you want to protect your valuable investment. Wheel locks are also easy to install and remove. However, do not misplace or break the wheel lock key, which is the only one to help you remove the locks in the future.

Wheel locksets also come with four special lug nuts plus a particular key and are often available as a package. Take note that wheel locks operate in a specific pattern. Only the specific key included in the kit can install or remove them.

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