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Oscillator: Introduction and Types

An oscillator is an electronic device which provides the source of a repetitive alternating current signal across its output terminal without needing any input because signal generated is usually of constant amplitude. Common signals generated includes clock signals, sound signals produced by video games, electronic beepers and broadcast signals by television and radio transmitters. In our previous article, we explain about oscillator circuit in brief. Have a look at it. Generally, oscillators are characterized according to the frequency generated at their output signal because for stabilization different frequencies are required in different areas. For example: For producing signals in the radio frequency …

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Transistor oscillator schematic

Transistor as an Oscillator: Guide

More topics on Transistors: Transistor basics Transistor operation Transistor characteristics Transistor configurations Transistor as a switch common emitter amplifier Darlington transistor Oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a periodic, oscillating signal often a square wave and a sine wave. It basically converts direct current from a power supply to an alternating current signal. In our previous articles, we explain how we can use a transistor as an amplifier and its configurations. Here we are going to put some shadow on how we use a transistor as an oscillator, its mechanisms and types. Transistor as Oscillator When we use a transistor …

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