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This category contains tutorials to "how to use" a gadget in a friendly way.

electrical symbols of different components

Electrical and Electronics Symbols

We all know how much we struggle to read wiring diagrams properly. And I know you are completely at "no fault zone" with this. With many electrical symbols, it is very difficult to remember...
Push pull amplifier image

Push Pull Amplifier Circuit, Operation, Advantages and Disadvantages

In our previous article, we have introduced you to amplifiers and its types. To recall it, An amplifier is an electronic device used to boost up the strength of the weak signal. Go through...
class a power amplifiers image

Class A Power Amplifier Theory, Efficiency equation, Advantages and Disadvantages

Class A power amplifier is one of the simplest types of power amplifier have high fidelity and totally immune to crossover distortion. In the standard common emitter circuit configuration, class A amplifier uses the switching...