How to read a Digital Multimeter

Hey guys, sometimes due to lack of knowledge we face many problems while handling multimeters. Here we provide a brief detail about reading a multimeter, functions, and multimeter specifications which helps you a lot while handling it. For accurate work, it is recommended to gather some knowledge about how Digital multimeter working and working principle of digital multimeter.         Multimeter Functions: In today’s Digital multimeter, many features are available to measure electrical systems and components very easily. Two common digital multimeter function used for these features are: (i) Direct Key function:  If you press and hold the function for one …

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Fluke 77 IV multimeter

Fluke 77 IV Digital multimeter: Introduction

Fluke 77 IV series digital multimeter is an improved version of fluke 70 series considered as a good multimeter in the eyes of professional technicians because it repairs most electrical and electronic problems. It is simple to use and has incredible improvements over the old one with more measurement function, conformance to the latest safety standards. Here we put some shadow on its features and another characteristic which makes it different from other multimeters. Features of Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter Each and every equipment has its own extraordinary capability which makes it differentiate from other. Let’s have a …

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How to use a Digital multimeter

Digital multimeter is the best electronic tool preferred by professional technicians for measuring lots of electrical parameters like voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, continuity, and temperature. You can use it anywhere anytime because of its compact design and durability. If you don’t know how to use a multimeter then you are at the right place, here we are going to explain to you how to use it for measurement of electrical parameters step by step. Before using multimeter go through our detailed article on working of digital multimeter and working principle of digital multimeter for accurate results. Measure Ac & Dc Voltage using …

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Capacitor Types and its characteristics

When we go to market for purchasing capacitors we got a little bit confused because of availability of different types of capacitors vary in their characteristics and have their pros and cons. Some capacitors can be used in high voltage applications while others used in low voltage applications, some have very low leakage rates and some have high leakage rates etc. Here we provide a list of various types of capacitors, its characteristics behaviour etc. Have a look over it. Types of capacitors (i) Tantalum Capacitor Dielectric material: Tantalum Pentoxide Type: Polarised Characteristics: It offers a very high capacitance level for …

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Fluke 754 documenting calibrator

Source Mode Measurement in Fluke 754 calibrator

Fluke 754 process calibrator is one of the most demandable calibrator in the eyes of professional Technicians due to its HART Communication capability. This makes it efficient in measuring electrical measurements in dual mode. Measure Mode Source Mode or Sourcing Mode In our last article we explain how to measure electrical parameters, Temperature and Pressure in Measure mode. Here we are going explain how can you use Source Mode in Fluke 754 calibrator. How to use source mode to measure electrical parameters? Using Fluke 754 Source mode is not difficult. Though it is somewhat different than other process calibrators available in …

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Fluke 754 process calibrator

Fluke 754 Process calibrator measurements: Measure mode

To test and calibrate almost any instrument Fluke 754 documenting process calibrator basically works in two modes, one is Measure mode & other is Source mode. Here we are going to explain the measurement of Electrical parameters, Temperature and pressure in measure mode. Before measurements, it is recommended firstly go through  Fluke 754 calibrator features  to gain knowledge regarding this calibrator. How to measure electrical parameters with Fluke 754 documenting process calibrator? To test a transmitter when it is disconnected from plant wiring, a loop power function is used. Steps for measuring electrical parameters are: Insert Red lead inside the V …

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Fluke 754 documenting process calibrator

Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator with HART

Fluke 754 calibrator is a reliable and rugged calibrator. It is ideal for calibrating and maintaining the lists, and instructions created by the software. And that’s why it is named Documenting Process Calibrator. You can source, simulate, measure pressure, temperature, and electrical signals with this hand-held device. Its USB interface enables two-way communication with the PC-based instrumentation management applications. The use of the HART mode makes it unique from other calibrators available in the market. It works in two modes Source mode and Measure mode. We have explained a little bit about these modes in this article and also have …

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different types of capacitors

Top 7 things to know before purchasing a capacitor

For your work, choosing a suitable capacitor is an important aspect because every capacitor is different in some aspect from each other. In some instances, one form of the capacitor may work well in one circuit while it will cause problems in another circuit because of its suitability. Here we are going to explain you some factors which will be necessary to keep in mind before choosing a capacitor for your work. Factors associated with capacitors choice Before choosing any capacitor for your work always look over these factors explained below: (i) Temperature coefficient: It is of two types one …

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Fluke TiX520 infrared camera: Controls

Hey guys, here we are going to explain you how Fluke TiX520 captures images, Controls etc. Before using Fluke TiX520 infrared camera, it is always recommended to go through its features guidelines. Image Capturing with Fluke TiX520 infrared camera This camera possesses lens of resolution 320×240 because it captures images with its Laser sharp Auto focus system.Hence, the quality of the images captured by Fluke TiX520 infrared camera is highly impressive and clear. Procedure for capturing images with this camera are: At the target object points your imager of  the camera. You can focus your object with the LaserSharp™ Auto Focus System …

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Fluke TiX520 infrared camera: IR fusion Technology and Features

Fluke Tix520 infrared camera is an ideal choice of professional technicians because it allow thermographers to navigate over, around and under objects to preview and capture images.It is the one of the creative addition to the thermal imaging camera line which combines the form factor and its lens is able to rotate 180° independently from the display to take measurements in hard-to-reach areas. IR fusion Technology in Fluke TiX520 infrared camera We can easily analyze, understand and communicate infrared images with the help of this technology. It basically links a thermal image with a real -world visual image.The imager automatically …

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