Types of capacitors

Capacitors: Symbols and Markings

Capacitor is a two terminal passive device used to store energy in the form of electric charge. It is comprised of two parallel plates which are separated from each other either by air or by some other insulating device like paper, mica, ceramic etc. In this tutorial,we put some shadow on the capacitance of the capacitor, Capacitor symbol and capacitor markings etc. Capacitance of capacitor The Capacitor is made up of two conductors separated by an insulator i.e. dielectric. The dielectric can be of different types, you can use any of the dielectric material between the plates of the capacitor as …

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Buying a new multimeter? Some Points to consider

Before buying a multimeter, you may be struggling to decide which one is suitable for your work. There are loads of things out there from different manufacturers, but one of the most important things you have to consider when buying a multimeter is multimeters brand quality, features, and pricing etc. Proper knowledge of multimeter for which you are paying for, will help you to get the proper multimeter. Here we are going to explain those things you should know before buying multimeter like its cost, which brand is suitable for you, its outer looks and its results accuracy etc. Let’s …

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A DMM or digital multimeter

Digital Multimeter working principle

We encounter digital multimeter or dmm in electronics or electrical study every then an now. It plays vital role as it can measure huge variety of electrical functions. It gives best result easily and saves us a lot of time. Earlier when I was studying, understanding the digital multimeter was a huge pain for me. The sources I read from was either not easy to understand or had messy format. But here I am going with easy step by step explanation with diagrams to make you understand its working and different features. What is a Digital Multimeter A digital multimeter or …

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Top 8 Multimeter manufacturers list [2020]

There are lots of multimeter manufacturers in the world. But not all give you quality for your money. If you have ever been in a situation when your multimeter dumped you in the most chronic situation. Believe me, you don’t have had the best multimeter in your hand for electrical parameter measurements. To help you get the best multimeter, we have created a list of the best multimeter manufacturers. This list comprises of price range and the latest multimeter manufactured by the respective company. [irp posts=”423″ name=”How to use a Digital multimeter”] Best Multimeter Manufacturers [2019] Fluke Corporation Fluke Corporation …

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Multimeter Image

What is a Multimeter: Ultimate Guide for Beginner

A multimeter (digital or analog) is the most basic and important measurement instrument used in any lab and workshop. It is used to measure different electrical properties of other industrial tools and wiring. Here we are going to give an overview of its types, and what all it can measure. It is of 2 types: Analog and Digital Multimeter. We have listed the differences between these 2 in a comparison table in this article. What is a Multimeter? According to Wikipedia,” A multimeter or a multitester, also known as a VOM or a Volt Ohm Meter, is an electronic measuring …

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