Different Types of Electrical Panels and their benefits

Electrical panels are the home to electrical housing and electrical components. They are useful towards securing all the electrical components and provides for cost-effective reliability as well. They also provide for a well classified and neatly categorized substation from where you can control the functioning of many of the electrical components and circuits. Electrical panels can vary in their strength and size and may take the form of main breaker panel, the main lug panel and the sub panel. The electrical panel is also the place where the different breaker components and switches are located. The new building electric codes …

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car wheel locks image

Wheel locks: What are they and how they work

What Are Wheel Locks? Before we discuss how wheel locks work, let’s define what they are. These devices are installed instead of the lug nuts. They cannot be removed by anything but the particular key in the set. The type of wheel lock is different according to the wheel style. But how do they work? It is a common question to those who have encountered the term wheel locks for their custom rims and wheels. For one, these locks work to protect your flashy custom rims against thieves or people who do not buy their own. These rims are incredible …

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Common types of soldering iron and how to choose them

What is a Soldering iron? A soldering iron is a handy tool that can be used for soldering at home or commercial facilities. The tool has a metallic tip with insulated handle attached to it. When giving current , the metallic tip provides heat to the solder. The solder is a metal allow that fuses into the gap between 2 metals needed to be join. By heating solder, it melts and fuses between the metals joining them permanently. Depending on the requirement, there are many different types of irons to choose from. The type of soldering projects you commonly do …

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Gunn Diode Explaination

What is a Gunn diode A Gunn Diode is a microwave semiconductor diode designed to work in devices having microwave frequencies. Microwave Frequencies are electromagnetic radiation of tremendously high frequencies (THF), (maximum working frequency up to 3 THz, this depends on the material used in its structure). The most common materials used in their manufacturing process are GaAs (Gallium Arsenide), and GaN (Gallium Nitride). In that process, microwave diodes require a unique environment (from lead due to sensitivity to electromagnetic pulses). The symbol of this diode is as shown below: Gunn diodes have short switching times due to their design. …

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electrical symbols of different components

Electrical and Electronics Symbols

We all know how much we struggle to read wiring diagrams properly. And I know you are completely at “no fault zone” with this. With many electrical symbols, it is very difficult to remember every one of them and using them while solving a circuit diagram. But there is an easy way to remember them. And believe me when I say its easy. With my graduation in electronics, I have used this trick and was able to solve many circuit diagrams. The trick is: Learn to read electronics symbols. And these symbols are useful also if you are from the …

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Fluke 726 calibrator image

Fluke 726 Multifunction calibrator Features, Accessories and Applications

Fluke 726 calibrator is a precision multifunction process calibrator built by professionals to match the international industrial standard. It is widely used in the industry with unsurpassed accuracy, broad workload coverage, and calibration power. Fluke 726 is an ideal choice for every technician because it can calibrate almost anything and measures & sources almost all process parameters. Without the help of a calculator, it can interpret results and store measurement data for future analysis. In our last tutorials, we explained about Fluke 6270A calibrator, Fluke 721Ex pressure calibrator, Fluke 754 in detail. In this article, we are going to explain …

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How to read a Digital Multimeter

Hey guys, sometimes due to lack of knowledge we face many problems while handling multimeters. Here we provide a brief detail about reading a multimeter, functions, and multimeter specifications which helps you a lot while handling it. For accurate work, it is recommended to gather some knowledge about how Digital multimeter working and working principle of digital multimeter.         Multimeter Functions: In today’s Digital multimeter, many features are available to measure electrical systems and components very easily. Two common digital multimeter function used for these features are: (i) Direct Key function:  If you press and hold the function for one …

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Fluke TiX520 infrared camera: Controls

Hey guys, here we are going to explain you how Fluke TiX520 captures images, Controls etc. Before using Fluke TiX520 infrared camera, it is always recommended to go through its features guidelines. Image Capturing with Fluke TiX520 infrared camera This camera possesses lens of resolution 320×240 because it captures images with its Laser sharp Auto focus system.Hence, the quality of the images captured by Fluke TiX520 infrared camera is highly impressive and clear. Procedure for capturing images with this camera are: At the target object points your imager of  the camera. You can focus your object with the LaserSharp™ Auto Focus System …

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Fluke TiX520 infrared camera: IR fusion Technology and Features

Fluke Tix520 infrared camera is an ideal choice of professional technicians because it allow thermographers to navigate over, around and under objects to preview and capture images.It is the one of the creative addition to the thermal imaging camera line which combines the form factor and its lens is able to rotate 180° independently from the display to take measurements in hard-to-reach areas. IR fusion Technology in Fluke TiX520 infrared camera We can easily analyze, understand and communicate infrared images with the help of this technology. It basically links a thermal image with a real -world visual image.The imager automatically …

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Fluke 712B RTD Temperature calibrator: Introduction and Measurements

Fluke 712B RTD calibrator is an ideal test tool for the temperature calibration professional technicians that wants highly accurate, single function and easy to use RTD temperature calibrator.It is a single function tool used for maintaining the accuracy of the process temperature transmitters and chart recorders or testing input cards on process control system.It can also perform a narrow set of tests quickly with high accuracy. Let’s have some look over Fluke 712B RTD temperature calibrator features, accessories and measurements. Key features of Fluke 712B RTD temperature calibrator Fluke 712B RTD calibrator is a battery operated and handheld instrument used to measure …

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