Rectifier Quiz 2: Multiple choice Numerical question

After searching we came with some more questions based on rectifiers. Most of you find it difficult to answer them correctly. To enhance your knowledge related to this field we made this quiz  little bit difficult from the previous one. In our previous tutorial, we provided rectifier basic quiz. This section consists of multiple choice questions quiz on Rectifier intermediate. Take the test and check out your knowledge about rectifier.

Multiple-choice Quiz instructions:

Before taking quiz follow the following instructions given below:

  • For every question click the button and select one best option out of four options.
  • If you want to change an answer, simply click the button for your new choice.
  • This test includes timer of 3 minutes is displayed on the left side in the lower portion of the screen.
  • After completion, click the Finish button shown at the end of the test.
  • Your score will be shown immediately after clicking the finish button and all of the correct answers will then be marked with a green line.

#1 In half wave rectifier,the load current flows

#2 In a crystal diode, the barrier potential offers opposition to only

#3 The rms value of half wave-rectified sine wave with Im as peak value is

#4 A half-wave rectifier circuit with a capacitive filter is connected to a 200 volts, 50 Hz ac line. The output voltage across the capacitor should be approximately

#5 In a bridge Full wave rectifier, if Vm is the peak voltage across the secondary of the transformer, the maximum voltage coming across each reverse biased diode is

#6 At reverse bias, the number of minority carriers crossing the junction of a diode depends primarily on the

#7 For single phase supply frequency of 50 Hz, ripple frequency in full wave rectifier is

#8 The RMS value of a half wave rectifier current is 10 A. Its value for full wave rectification would be

#9 When voltage applied to a diode is more than PIV, it is likely to result in

#10 Under normal operating voltage, the reverse current in a silicon diode is about



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