Fluke Ti400 infrared camera with its auto focus system may focus on the closer targets or the surrounding landscape to get accurate temperature measurements. We describe some basic terminologies of this camera in Fluke Ti400 thermal imager  which shows its extraordinary properties.

Fluke Ti400 thermal imager


Image Capturing with Fluke Ti400 infrared camera

This camera possesses lens of resolution 320×240 because it captures images with its Laser sharp Auto focus system.Hence, the quality of the images captured by Fluke Ti400 infrared camera is eye-catching  and clear.Procedure for capturing images with this camera are:

  1. At the target object points your imager of the camera.
  2. You can focus your object with the LaserSharp™ Auto Focus System or advanced manual focus
  3. Ensures that your object is in focus.
  4. Now pull and release the green coloured primary trigger.
  5. After pulling & releasing, the camera will capture and freeze the image.
  6. In memory buffer your captured image is available, you can save or edit them as per your requirement.
  7. To save the image, push F1 labelled key.
  8. To cancel or return to the live view, pull the primary trigger again and push F3 labelled key .
  9. Depending on your selected file format settings, the imager shows the captured image and the menu bar.
  10. At the menu bar, you can easily edit your images, save images, add voice annotations or IR-photonotes digital photos.

Triggers in Fluke Ti400 infrared camera

Fluke Ti400 infrared camera comprises of two triggers, both are used for their specific operations.

(i) Primary Trigger:

When the video is off, the function of the primary trigger is to capture the thermal images and stores it into the memory. When the video is on, you can Start/Stop the primary trigger for video recording. It is of green colour and larger in size.

(ii) Secondary Trigger:

The main function of the secondary trigger is to operate the Laser sharp auto focus system and laser pointer for capturing the focussed images of high definition quality and measuring the accurate temperature. It is of a black colour and smaller in size.

Temperature measurement with Fluke Ti400 infrared camera

The quantity of energy radiated from the object is based on the actual surface temperature and surface emissivity of the object. When we capture images, the imager senses the infrared energy from the surface of the object and calculates estimated temperature value. The surfaces which radiate high energy i.e. has high emissivity (emissivity factor ≥ 90 %)  like wood, cloth, painted metal etc produces relatively accurate measurements. If the surface is shiny or unpainted have an emissivity < 0.60 are not good at radiating energy. If you want to measure material more accurately with a low emissivity then emissivity correction is necessary. Adjustment to the emissivity setting will usually allow the Imager to calculate a more accurate estimate of the actual temperature.

Wireless connectivity in Fluke Ti400 infrared camera

To enhance the capability of cameras, fluke introduced this new feature of wireless connectivity with several connectivity options for more efficient and better results. Several functions of WiFi are:

(i) WiFi™ Hotspot:

You can use this WiFi hotspot for sharing or sending a picture from the imager to a PC, iPhone and an iPad through the WiFi connection. If Fluke Connect™ or SmartView software is installed in the device you can easily view your transferred images.

(ii) WiFi™ Network:

To link the imager to other wireless devices using its radio we use wireless local area network (WLAN) which provides a connection through an access point to the wider Internet. Due to this network you can move around within a local coverage area.

Steps to turn on the WiFi Network feature are:

  1. Go to Settings > Wireless > WiFi > WiFi Network.
  2. To Highlight ON, press Top/down arrow labelled keys.
  3. Press SELECT button to scan for available networks within range of the camera.
  4. To select a network press top/down arrow labelled keys.
  5. To connect/disconnect press F1 labelled button.
  6. Enter a password if you are prompted.

Note: WiFi is allowed for indoor use only in Kuwait, Chile, and  The United Arab Emirates.

Fluke Connect System in Ti400 infrared camera

Fluke Ti400 infrared camera uses Fluke connect which lets you share live images and data with your teammates. It is the world’s largest portfolio of the connected tools which allow technicians to transmit data wirelessly from their tools to their smart phones and tablets. With Fluke Connect, teams can easily access past infrared inspections on the go and look at trends over time.

(i) Fluke Connect App

This app basically works with the Apple and Android products. You can download this app from the Apple App Store and Google Play at free of cost. To access this app you have to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly insert the Fluke Connect Wireless SD Card into the Imager.
  2. Power on the Imager.
  3. Now on your smartphone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  4. Select the Wi-Fi network that begins with the name of the Fluke infrared camera.
  5. Go to the Fluke Connect App and select “Thermal Imager” from the list.
  6. To capture the image, press the image Capture button on the Imager. The image is now in the buffer and you can save or edit.
  7. To save the image and view the image on the phone app, press F1 labelled key.

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