Fluke TiX1000 infrared camera is an extraordinary camera which delivers highly detailed image quality and the flexibility to capture accurate temperature measurements (with superResolution) from targets that are risky and challenging. It is a part of the first HD infrared camera built with Fluke connect.Here we are going to explain to you its basic features, what is superResolution, Fluke connect system etc.

Fluke TiX1000 infrared camera

Fluke Connect System in TiX1000 infrared camera

Fluke TiX1000 infrared camera uses Fluke connect which lets you share live images and data with your teammates. It is the world’s largest portfolio of the connected tools which allow technicians to transmit data wirelessly from their tools to their smart phones and tablets. With Fluke Connect, teams can easily access past infrared inspections on the go and look at trends over time.this app can be downloaded from Apple App Store and the Google Play Store at free of cost.

Key Features of TiX1000 infrared camera

With fluke connect this camera really become an ideal choice for many professional technicians.Here we are discussing its key features which make it a powerful camera.
  1. With Fluke Connect™ system, it connects to the largest network of wireless test and measurement tools.
  2. With a 8MP visible light camera, you get the sharpest ever IR-Fusion® images.
  3. Increased thermal sensitivity identifies even slight temperature changes for superior-detail pictures.
  4. For quick access, it has user defined programmable buttons.
  5. For advanced applications, it has subwindow mode that can be used to subwindow camera to 240Hz frame rate.
  6. Crisp images are displayed on the 5.6″ high-resolution LCD screen.
  7. Versatile viewing options for in-field viewing of images with viewfinder for outdoor use.
  8. It transfers geo-referenced, voice annotated images to the computer via SD card, USB 2.0 port, or HDMI(DVI-D) output.
  9. Have ten-times more pixels than a standard 320 x 240 IR camera with 1024 x 768 resolution (768,432 pixels)
  10. Conduct inspections from a safe distance.
  11. LaserSharp®, EverSharp, auto, and manual focusing coupled with up to 32x zoom let you perform work from a greater, safer distance without sacrificing image quality.
  12. It has 8 lens options to chose from including telephoto, wide-angle, macro and standard
  13. Choose the most convenient image transfer protocol for your application i.e Camera data ports GigE vision and RS232 available in 2015.
  14. With SmartView® software it shows the image in an extraordinary way.

What is SuperResolution?

SuperResolution is a class of techniques that enhance the resolution of an imaging system. In some SR techniques, i.e. the optical SuperResolution is used into which the diffraction limit of systems is transcended and the geometrical SuperResolution is used into which the resolution of digital imaging sensors is enhanced.In our infrared cameras we are using geometrical SuperResolution, basically it provides 4x the resolution that’s available on the camera.Always select the SuperResolution mode for excellent image quality before you capture images.After capturing the image, transfer them to the included SmartView® software which reveals 3,145,728 pixels and shows image in an extraordinary way.

EverSharp mode in TiX1000 infrared camera

This camera comes with an advanced focus options for consistently in-focus images. With the push of a button, you can capture multiple images from varying focal distances through EverSharp multifocal recording mode.Images taken from multiple focal distances got combined by Fluke SmartView® software which creates an image that sharpens the detail initial focal point and also enhance the focus of the elements around the focal point.These infrared images displayed in superb image quality will be very much impressive.

Subwindowing in TiX1000 infrared camera

Sometimes, sudden and rapid change in temperature can adversely affect the quality of images so experts introduce an optional Subwindowing mode (available at the time of camera purchase) to overcome this problem.This feature is basically found only in cooled infrared cameras.To better understand sudden temperature changes, it allows the user to document and analyze many frames of data per second by using infrared sequences.If you want following frame rates are available as an optional are:
  1. 640 × 480 (60 fps)
  2. 384 × 288 (120 fps)
  3. 1024 × 96 (240 fps)

Accessories of TiX1000 infrared camera

When you order this infrared camera in its box you got some additional components with it. Here we are providing the list of that components which are available into its box.
  1. SmartView® software CD
  2. SD memory card and card reader
  3. FC SD card for Fluke Connect™
  4. Rechargeable battery
  5. AC power adapter/battery charger
  6. Lens cap
  7. Hand and neck straps
  8. Carrying case
  9. Manufacturer-provided calibration certificate
  10. Instruction manual (printed and on CD).

Hey guys, in this article we share some basic information of TiX1000 infrared camera.

If you have any question or suggestions regarding the same, ask us in comments.We always love to help you guys.

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