Fluke 77 IV Digital multimeter: Introduction

Fluke 77 IV series digital multimeter is an improved version of fluke 70 series considered as a good multimeter in the eyes of professional technicians because it repairs most electrical and electronic problems. It is simple to use and has incredible improvements over the old one with more measurement function, conformance to the latest safety standards. Here we put some shadow on its features and another characteristic which makes it different from other multimeters.

Fluke 77 IV multimeter

Features of Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter

Each and every equipment has its own extraordinary capability which makes it differentiate from other. Let’s have a look over some of the capabilities of this multimeter.

  • It has large display make easier to view readings even from the distance.
  • It has an accuracy of 0.3% which makes it more reliable for measurements.
  • It measures voltage up to 1000V.
  • It has backlight display which makes it durable for working in darker areas.
  • It measures resistance, capacitance, Frequency and continuity.
  • It measures 10 Amps continuous current (20A for 30 seconds).
  • To record signal fluctuations, it uses min/max mode button.
  • With its optional TPAK magnetic hanger, you can hang it anywhere you want and remain your hands-free for another work.
  • It measures average responding AC measurements.
  • It has ergonomic over molded housing with integrated probe holders.
  • It has both types of ranging i.e. Auto and Manual.
  • Safely Rated: Category 1000V CAT III and Category IV 600V.
  • Typical Battery life: 400 hours.
  • 6000 counts with a refresh rate of 4 times per second.

What is Min/Max/Avg recording mode and how we use it in Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter?

The main function of the Min/Max/Avg recording mode is to capture the minimum and maximum input values and calculates a running average of all readings. When a new high or low value is detected, the meter starts beeps.

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Following steps you have to follow to use Min/Max/AVG recording mode:

  1. Ensures that the meter is in the desired measurement function and range (Auto-ranging is disabled in the MIN/MAX/AVG mode).
  2. To activate MIN/MAX/AVG mode, press MIN/MAX labelled button. After pressing the highest reading starts displaying on the screen.
  3. Again Press MIN/MAX labelled button to step through the low, average and present readings.
  4. To pause MIN/MAX/AVG recording without erasing stored values, Press HOLD labelled button.
  5. Again press the HOLD labelled button to resume MIN/MAX/AVG recording.
  6. To exit and erase stored readings, press MIN/MAX for 1 second or turn the rotary switch.

Technical data of Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter

Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter measures electrical parameters of specific ranges. To make it easier for you, we provide here table which shows the minimum and maximum ranges of parameters.

Parameter Range
Amps AC 60.00 mA – 10 A
Amps DC 60.00 mA – 10 A
Voltage AC 600.0 mV – 1000V
Voltage DC 6.000 V – 1000 V
Capacitance 1 nF – 9,999 µF
Resistance 600.0 ohms – 50 Mohms
Frequency 99.99 Hz – 99.99 kHz

Safety precautions took while using Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter

Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter easily got damaged due to uneven voltage and current spikes. Before using these multimeters some necessary precautions are taken:

  1. Do not use the meter if it is damaged from anywhere.
  2. Ensures meter is in good operating condition.
  3. For checking meter is working properly or not, perform a continuity test.
  4. For measurement, select proper range and function.
  5. Check test leads if they are not in good condition and replace them immediately.

Models and Accessories of Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter

When you order multimeter, lots of equipment are available inside its box. Here we provide you the list of components and its accessories so that it will be helpful to you. If anything is not present inside the box then immediately contact the place from where you purchase it.

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(i) Fluke 77 IV:

It is used as a digital multimeter for field service or bench repair. It includes inside its box:

  • Test leads
  • User manual with CD
  • Installed 9V battery

Some accessories are available as optional, you can order it if you want. Following are:

(i) Cases and Holsters:

Fluke TPAK Toolpak magnetic meter hanger kit includes:

  • Universal hanger clip
  • 9 inch hook and loop strap
  • Strong magnet
  • Hook hanger for non-magnetic surfaces

(ii) Current clamps:

  • i400 AC current clamp

Note: It is available for sale in the United States and Canada only.

Applications of Fluke 77 IV series Digital multimeter

This type of multimeter is used in various applications like:

  • Industrial
  • Test & Measurement
  • Maintenance & Repair

Measurements technique of Fluke 77 IV digital multimeter  is same as a common Digital multimeter. If you want to know about its measurements you can read How to use a digital multimeter.

Hope you all like this article. For any suggestion please comment below. We always appreciate your suggestions.

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