There are lots of multimeter manufacturers in the world. But not all give you quality for your money. If you have ever been in a situation when your multimeter dumped you in the most chronic situation. Believe me, you don’t have had the best multimeter in your hand for electrical parameter measurements. To help you get the best multimeter, we have created a list of the best multimeter manufacturers. This list comprises of price range and the latest multimeter manufactured by the respective company.

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Best Multimeter Manufacturers [2022]

Fluke Corporation

Fluke Corporation is a big multimeter manufacturer and other electronic test equipment. It was established in 1948 in Everett Washington. It is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation and its products are considered as the most trusted product for professional technicians. As they show accurate, durable, and reliable results. It designs, develops, and sells electronic test and measurement instruments for many industrial applications. Its product namely Fluke 87v multimeter is presently in the top position because it measures accurate frequency by adjusting the speed drives as per our requirement and captures periodically as fast as 250 us. The Minimum price of Fluke multimeters starts from $49.99 and the maximum totally depends upon product features and selling sites.
                                             87V Fluke Multimeter

Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies is a topmost manufacturing company established in 1999, a spin-off Hewlett Packard company. The company provides worldwide laboratories with instruments, applications & expertise, etc enables the customer to gain what they need. Today’s Agilent introduces Truevolt digital multimeters which help engineers to see their measurement data in different ways and document their results very quickly. This new Truevolt technology reduces factors such as noise, injected current, and input bias current for increased measurement confidence. Its expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions. The Minimum price of Agilent multimeters starts from $74.99 on Amazon.
Agilent U1242B true Rms multimeter


Mastech is the world’s largest instrument manufacturer company established in 1987. It is a famous brand in the international market of China providing world-leading electronic measuring instruments. Recently Mastech introduces a new multimeter namely Mastech MS8229 multimeter is an interesting multimeter with quite a lot of additional features like it has inbuilt humidity and inbuilt sound level meter. In the market, Mastech successfully won worldwide praise in various fields involves 200 kinds of products. In China, the Mastech brand is a trusted brand for customers and its annual growth rate is 30% of the lead industry. The Minimum price of Mastech multimeters starts from $23 on Amazon and the maximum is totally dependent upon product features and selling sites.
MS8229 mastech multimeter


Amprobe is known as pyramid Instrument company builds rugged and reliable measurement tools, established in Long Island, NY in 1948. Over 65 years it is trusted by professional and HVAC technicians. Its products range from an extensive line of digital multimeters to industry-specific tools for professional HVAC/R technicians, commercial technicians, and utilities maintenance professionals. In 2006, it is acquired by Danaher Corporation and moved its worldwide headquarters to Everett, Washington. Today its product namely Amprobe AM-530 multimeters is considered as a topmost multimeter because of its inbuilt flashlight and a strong enough battery to power and test capacitors. The Minimum price of Amprobe multimeters starts from $9.95 on Amazon and the maximum totally depends upon product features and selling sites.
  Amprobe AM530 multimeter

Klein Tools

Note: Best for Car Owners

Klein tool is an American based company popular for its electrical and telecommunications industries, established in 1857 in Chicago and has its headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois. It makes high standard products that deliver performance, precision & durability at a high level and meets the expectation of professionals who use them every day. Today in the market its product namely Klein tools MM1000 multimeter is considered as a good multimeter because it has thermocouple so the car enthusiasts will be able to use it to check car engines. The Minimum price of Klein tools multimeters starts from $30 on Amazon and maximum is totally depended upon product features and selling sites.
Klein tool MM1000 multimeter

Innova Corporation 

Innova Electronics Corporation is a leading supplier of test equipment offers high-quality products and value to a customer. Engineers of Innova electronics understand customer exact needs and perform vigorous testing on-site to guarantee delivers high-quality precision tools. All Innova products are designed, researched and developed at the company’s headquarters held in Irvine, Calif. Recently, its product namely Innova 3340 multimeter is considered as a good multimeter because it comes with an inductive RPM clamp and temperature probe use for checking engine wiring. The Minimum price of Innova multimeters starts from $10.98 on Amazon and maximum is totally depended upon product features and selling sites.
Innova 3340 multimeter

Extech Instruments Corporation

Extech instrument Corporation is a leading supplier of handheld electronic measuring equipment established in 1971 & has its headquarters in Nashua, NH. Through a network of international distributors and regional stocking distributors, Extech instrument sold its handheld electronics equipment. In 2007 Flir system acquire the stock of Extech instrument Corporation to expand its access to the distribution channel of its products. Extech EX330 mini multimeter is popular nowadays because it comes with temperature probe used for testing air conditioning system. The Minimum price of Extech instrument multimeters starts from $11.49 on eBay and the maximum price is totally depended upon product features and selling sites.
      Extech EX330 mini multimeter


The craftsman multimeter is good for the most diagnostic duties around the home and the shop. It is one of the cheapest multimeters then other multimeters. The latest product of the company, Craftsman 11 is considered as a good product because it comes with a voltage detector, inbuilt Flashlight, and “K” type temperature sensor. For beginner electrician, it is a low-level investment that will get you started for measuring resistances and frequency without any regret. The Minimum price of Craftsman multimeter starts from $3.00 on eBay and the maximum price is totally depended upon product features and selling sites.
                      The Craftsman 11 multimeter
You can also view such articles to enhance your knowledge regarding Digital multimeters. Now that you know the best multimeter manufacturing companies, I recommend you to go through the article best multimeters review for more understanding.
Hope this article will help you find the best multimeter manufacturers. We always welcome your suggestions.


  1. Abdur Rahman says:

    Hello Ajay,
    I am glad to visit your blog and your list helped me learn about new product range of measuring meters.

    I would like to find more information related to cable testing equipment, transformer testing and Gas analysis. It will help traders like me to keep track of instruments available in market.
    Anyways all the best
    Abdur Rahman

  2. Hi Ajay can you do a list of Indian manufactures of mulitimeters for those who are proud to be Indian and buy Indian helps Indian economy!

  3. Kevin Haddock says:

    This is not an accurate representation of “manufacturers” in the true sense of the word. Only Fluke actually manufactures their own brand of meter. All the rest listed are re sellers or brand labelers.

    1. Ajay Kumar says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for stopping on my blog and dropping your valuable comment.
      The manufacturing companies listed here manufactures their own multimeters, as my knowledge about it is concerned. But if you can provide any data in support of your comment, I will look into the matter.

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