6270A pressure controller/calibrator is a new pressure calibrator introduced by Fluke Corporation, used to calibrate a wide range of pressure gauges and sensors. It is very much famous in between managers & professional technicians because of its modular design which made it so flexible that it can be easily configured to meet a wide variety of needs & expanded to cover the broad workload. Many instrument shops appreciate 6270A calibrator control precision and accuracy over a wide pressure range because it enables them to calibrate a large number of devices with a single calibrator.These pressure sources avoid downtime on the production line & performs quickly, generates results accurately that’s why it become an ideal for pressure sensor manufacturers.Due to graphical user interface and intuitive hardware design, the fluke 6270A is easy to learn and use. In our previous article, we explain Fluke 721 Ex precision calibrator, Fluke 726 calibrator, Fluke 754 calibrator measurements in detail.  In this article, we are going to explain you 6270A pressure controller/calibrator features, outer structure, safety features etc  in detail.Fluke 6270A Pressure controller/Calibrator image

Fluke 6270A pressure controller/calibrator features:

These type of calibrator is an ideal choice of a professional technician used for measuring pressure because of its accurate and quick results. We are explaining some of its features below.
  1. It is Easy to maintain.
  2. Calibrate a large number of devices i.e. wide range of gauges & sensors with a single calibrator.
  3. It is easy to operate.
  4. It basically has stable pressure control and high-speed control.
  5. It can be used in system mode, allowing multiple controllers to be operated through one front panel.
  6. Measures vacuum range up to 20 Mpa (3000 psi)
  7. Use graphical interface with a choice of nine languages.
  8. The full remote interface enables technicians to use it with custom software or data acquisition device.
  9. It provides two level of accuracy i.e. 0.02 % FS or 0.01 % reading which helps the user to balance accuracy and budget.
  10. For pressure software, it can be fully automated with COMPASS®.
  11. Valves remain clean and free of debris with the help of contamination prevention system.
  12. Due to its modular design it Install modules with different accuracy classes within the same shell.
  13. Modules are easily replaced even when 6270A is rack mounted.

Accessories of 6270A pressure controller/calibrator:

When we go to the market to purchase something, sometimes due to lack of knowledge, we don’t know what accessories we got inside the box. 6270A pressure controller kit includes:

  1. 1 Chassis (6270A-XXX).
  2. 1 or more measurement modules (PM200 or PM600)
  3. 1 control module (PCM-STD-20M)

Outer structure overview of 6270A pressure controller/calibrator:

6270A outer structure is similar to other calibrators with some additional new features. Here we explain its outer structure components with its functioning which will help you while using it. Following of its outer components are:

  1. Display: It has large screen display on which you can easily view the results and edit information as per your need.
  2. Jog wheel: By rotating this jog wheel you can easily make minor adjustments to the pressure. It is an ideal for the calibration of analog dial gauges.
  3. Real-Time graph: It is shown just below the display makes easy to see pressure stability or procedure status.
  4. Calculator: You can enter values directly and quickly using this calculator.
  5. Front panel abort button: This panel consist of two buttons one is of green colour and other is of red colour allows for fast venting in emergency situations.
  6. Touchscreen display: This display you to access any function by pressing four buttons. It is basically a graphical interface with a choice of nine languages.
  7. GPIB: It stands for General Purpose Interface Bus, is an IEEE 488 standard parallel interface used for attaching sensors and programmable instruments to a computer. In the GPIB interface, the connected instruments act as ‘Talkers’ and ‘Listeners’. It is determined by the programs what role is to be performed by an instrument.
  8. RS232: This pin is basically used for serial transmission of data with external devices.
  9. External valve driver: These drivers enable you to create fully automated customs system and operate accessories like the contamination prevention system.
  10. Switch Testing: It has a built-in capability to read the state of a pressure switch.

Pressure Measurement Modules of 6270A pressure controller/calibrator:

Pressure measurement modules of 6270A pressure calibrator based on a cutting-edge technology are characterized according to their reading level of accuracy. Two modules are:

  1. PM200 Module: To provide an economical method for accurate pressure measurement, this module uses a highly characterized silicon pressure sensor. It’s 0.02% reading accuracy ensures its short-term performance i.e. linearity, hysteresis and repeatability and long-term performance i.e. stability and uncertainty of the calibration standard.
  2. PM600 Module: To provide 0.01% reading accuracy from 30% to 100% of the module span, this module uses Fluke calibration Quartz reference pressure transducer technology. The modules are available in 14 different ranges including absolute mode & Gauge mode module. Absolute mode modules comprise of onboard barometer which provides dynamic compensation of changes in atmospheric pressure allowing for the module usage in both absolute and gauge mode. It is a combined package i.e. the wide percent of reading capability combined with its ability to measure both absolute & gauge mode module.

Safety characteristic of 6270A pressure controller/calibrator:

6270A pressure controller/calibrator has been designed using Sound Engineering practices i.e. SEP in such a way that each measurement & control module, as well as the main shell; has pressure relief valves which will protect the user and instrument from accidental overpressure. This calibrator consists of internal relief valves, user settable pressure limit i.e. you can set pressure value as per your requirement and emergency abort buttons i.e. you can press these buttons in case of any emergency will ensure full protection to the user.

Consistency & throughput of 6270A pressure controller/calibrator:

For improved consistency & throughput, we basically automate 6270A pressure controller/calibrator and compile pressure calibration sequences on single or multiple devices under test. For pressure calibration, fluke specifically designed calibration COMPASS® for pressure software. COMPASS® for pressure, integrates calibration function with pressure specific dependencies that are missing from more generic software packages. 6270 A also features a full remote interface that enables technicians to use it with custom software or data acquisition devices.

Contamination protection of 6270A pressure controller/calibration:

If your working area includes other devices that contain different substances like water, gas and oil then there is a possibility of risk for contamination. Contamination basically clogs a calibrator valve, wear out its parts and make it difficult to maintain the pressure. If the contamination gets into the sensor it will drastically change the calibrator behaviour which results in faulty readings. If contamination is an essential factor for you, then you may prefer the optional 6270A Contamination prevention system (CPS) which will keep the calibrator valves clean and free from rubbish. The CPS provides protection by two stage filtering system and maintaining unidirectional flow away from the controller.

Maintenance of 6270A pressure controller/calibrator:

You can easily maintain fluke 6270A pressure controller/calibrator and replace its modules anytime you want because it has separate control and measurement module which allows quick and easy repair. You just pull out the module and replace it anytime because into this no auto- tuning required. While installing the module you can easily change the pressure ranges and use the optional PMM Calibration Kit you can calibrate the modules either in the chassis or outside the chassis. On the back of the 6270A, the pressure connectors are present which are made up of anodized aluminium.If threads are stripped or there is galling from metal connectors sliding against it, you can easily remove the block without having to open the chassis.The block does not have any items attached to it, so replacement simple and low cost.

Hope this article will help you. Suggestions are always welcome, share them with us.


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