Fluke 280 series True RMS multimeters had greatly replaced the 180 series multimeters with some advanced features of data logging and shows trend data on the screen without the need of downloading it to PC. The advanced feature of TrendCapture of this multimeter makes professional technicians and engineers to solve problems faster during predictive & preventive maintenance. It shows result graphically on zoom in the screen, backed by an enhanced user interface with i-info key i.e. available in seven languages.
Fluke 280 series True RMS multimeter

Models of Fluke 280 series True RMS multimeters

Fluke 280 series True RMS multimeters includes two models:

  1. Fluke 287 True RMS multimeter.
  2. Fluke 289 True RMS multimeter.
Both of these multimeters have same features except Fluke 289 True RMS multimeter have some additional feature which makes it most popular in between professional technicians.

Key features of Fluke 280 series True RMS multimeters

Fluke 280 series True RMS multimeters has advanced feature of Trendcapture which makes it an ideal multimeter for professional technicians to solve problems quickly.Its other interesting features are:
  1. Measures current up to 10 A.
  2. Bandwidth: 100 KHz.
  3. For over 200 hours log data continuously.
  4. Stores up to 10,000 readings and plots measurements as a single line, detects signal deviations over time.
  5. 50,000-count and display multiple measurements simultaneously at the same time.
  6. ¼ VGA display with white backlight.
  7. For automatic time stamping of saved readings, Real Time Clock is available.
  8. Interface- Multilingual.
  9. Basic DC accuracy of 0.025%.
  10. Record Transients as fast as 250 μs.
  11. Capacitance range- 100 mF.
  12. You can easily name your measurements and recall them from any field where you save them.
  13. Limited Lifetime warranty.
  14. Optional magnetic hanger where you can hang your meter whenever you need.
  15. Safely rated – CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V.

Additional features of Fluke 289 which makes it differ from Fluke 287

Well, both multimeters are similar but due to some requirements we add some extra features in Fluke 289 True RMS multimeter as per user demand. Features which make Fluke 289 more demandable are:
  1. Low- pass Filter to eliminate high- frequency interference.
  2. Due to ghost voltage some false readings occur, to overcome this meter provides low impedance voltage function.
  3. For easy PC download, it provides optical USB PC communication interface.
  4. Resistance range is up to 50 ohms used for measuring and comparing differences in contact resistance & and low ohm measurement.

Difference between Data logger and Fluke 289 true RMS multimeter

There are two basic differences between them which make Fluke 289 true RMS multimeter more usable.
(i)Firstly, data logger did logging in the traditional sense by sampling the input signal at a sufficient rate means samples signal as fast as you don’t miss anything. But for this purpose this method required large storage place for fast data sampling. While Fluke 289 true RMS multimeter follows event recording technique which samples signal internally at a sub-second rate, records only significant changes in the readings and required less memory.
(ii)Secondly, Fluke 289 true RMS multimeter in Trendcapture mode immediately graph the data onscreen after the completion of recording session while data logger has uploaded each recording session to software to graph & view the results which take longer time as compared to Fluke 289 multimeter. Trendcapture is the modern enhancement done in these multimeters which make them the first choice for those who will be at the zenith position of the field.

Accessories of  Fluke 289 True RMS multimeter

Fluke 289 true RMS multimeter kit includes:

  1. Getting started manual.
  2. Probe Holder.
  3. 6AA batteries.
  4. Registration card.
  5. Two AC72 alligator clips.
  6. CD-Rom user manual (16 languages).
  7. TL71 Silicon test lead.
  8. Cal practices document.
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