87V Fluke Multimeter is one of the latest versions of 80 series V multimeter, used for measuring accurate frequency by adjusting the speed drives as per our requirement and captures periodically as fast as 250 us.
It is the most demandable multimeter in the electronic equipment market. It consists of a large LCD screen present on the top, a large mode dial used to switch into different conditions as per user need, a yellow protective sleeve covers its body, lead connected sockets, rubber buttons and backlight which even shows the screen content in low light. Here we are going to explain you some Key features, accuracy, reliability and models of 87V Fluke Multimeter.
Fluke 87V Multimeter

Key features of 87V Fluke Multimeter

87V Fluke Multimeter shows very accurate and advanced troubleshooting capabilities for the identification of complex signal problems. Some features are given below.
  1. Fluke low pass filter helps in measuring accurate frequency by automatically adjusted speed drives.
  2. It has dual display resolution, counts even small changes are shown on screen, i.e. counts approximate 6000 or 20,000.
  3. Captures periodically as fast as 250 us due to max/min peak.
  4. Built and designed in U.S.A.
  5. Ensures Lifetime Warranty.
  6. Built-in thermometer capability allows us to measure temperature without use of any external device.
  7. Safely rated – CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V.
  8. Ranging: Auto & manual for maximum Flexibility.
  9. It generates analog bar graph for fast changing or unstable signals.
  10. Capacitance range: 10,000 µF for motor caps & components.
  11. DC accuracy: 0.05%.
  12. For battery life, it has selectable sleep mode.
  13. Measures up to 1000VAC & DC.
  14. Measures Frequency up to 200 KHz.
  15. For accurate Voltage & Frequency measurements it uses selectable filters.

What are the 8o V series Fluke multimeter models and its Accessories?

80 series V multimeter consist of three models but we prefer 87v fluke multimeter more because of its reliable and accurate characteristics. Three models are given below.
Model name
Fluke 83V (Price: Amazon )
  •            9V battery
  •            Holster
  •            TL75 Test leads
  •            AC175 Alligator clips
Fluke 87V (Price: Amazon )
  •            80BK Temperature Probe
  •            9V battery
  •            Holster
  •            TL75 Test leads
  •            AC175 Alligator clips
Fluke 87V/E2 (Price: Amazon )
  •            87V multimeter
  •            9V battery
  •            TP238 Test probes
  •            TL224 Silicon Test leads
  •            C35 lightweight soft accessory case
  •            AC220 long reach alligator clips

What are the intrinsically safety precautions took while using 87V Fluke multimeter?

87V Fluke Multimeter easily got damaged due to uneven voltage and current spikes. Before using these multimeters some necessary precautions are taken:
  1. Do not use the meter if it is damaged from anywhere.
  2. Ensures meter is in good operating condition.
  3. For checking meter is working properly or not, perform a continuity test.
  4. For measurement, select proper range and function.
  5. Check test leads if they are not in good condition and replace them immediately.

Accuracy of 87V Fluke multimeter

87V Fluke Multimeter provides good accuracy because it immediately respond to the command given to it, like if want to measure frequency by placing the lead into sockets or by rotating the dial up in particular position then within a couple of seconds it shows accurate results on its screen. It also produces high precision results by selecting the meter auto-ranging. In a single button, press it counts up to 20,000 count devices. For the specification sheet, AC voltages are measured in true RMS value. The 87V fluke multimeter is very smart did it all work automatically within a second and leave the user free for the interpretation of results.

Reliability & Durability of 87V Fluke multimeter

87V Fluke Multimeter offers both durability and reliability make it a cheaper multimeter for large scale operation. Yellow protective sleeve protects the meter from severe damage in case of drop down. Even without a sleeve meter durability is excellent; if the user handles it carefully it will be remains in good condition for several decades. At the end of the sleeve back is available which provide the mechanical strength to the meter. Because of its durability and reliability, it rarely measures faulty readings.

Usage of 87V Fluke multimeter

87V Fluke Multimeter plays a vital role in many of the electronics laboratories. For process control, many of the electronics repair shops and assembly plants use this meter. If user handles it carefully it becomes the last meter he buys for several decades.
From this article, you got a short description of 87V multimeter features, uses and its models. For its brief description we are providing you its manuals & datasheets very soon.Hope you all like this article.For any suggestions please share with us.

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