3000 FC Series Fluke Wireless Multimeter Overview

3000 FC series Fluke wireless multimeter is the true RMS multimeter consist of Fluke connect App with Sharelive video call. The fluke connects system communicate with the mobile app on your Android (4.3 & up) and ios (4s & later) smart phones. This feature made it different and more versatile from other multimeters. This wireless multimeter connects whole team members in an organization without leaving their fields.In this article, we put some shadow on 3000FC series fluke wireless multimeter features, its productivity & convenience, Test tools etc. Have a look over it. 
                                 Fluke 3000FC series Wireless multimeter

Features of 3000FC series Fluke Wireless multimeter

3000 FC series Fluke multimeter is an ideal choice for all professional Technicians. Because of its precision, ease of use and reliability we prefer this multimeter. Several key features are:
  1. Measures Ac & Dc voltages up to 1000V. 
  2. Safely rated- CAT IV 600V/ CAT III 1000V environments.
  3. Measures Frequency, continuity & Diode, Resistance and capacitances.
  4. Ranging: Both either manual or automatic ranging.
  5. 6000- count resolution.
  6. Basic accuracy is higher than 0.09%.
  7. It consists of all features which you want to troubleshoot.
  8. Digital display shows measurements from remote modules, white and bright backlight.
  9. Measures Ac & Dc current of o.o1mA resolution.
  10. Min/Max recording.

Test tools of Fluke 3000 FC series wireless multimeter

3000 FC series Fluke multimeter works with 20 different Fluke products and has the largest number of connected test tools all over the world. Following test tools are:
  1.  DC voltage Module.
  2. K-type temperature module.
  3. PC adapter.
  4. Wireless Digital multimeter.
  5. AC voltage module.
  6. True RMS AC current clamp module.
  7. AC/DC current clamp module.
  8. iFlex True RMS AC current clamp module.

Accessories of 3000 FC series Fluke wireless multimeter

When we order 3000 FC series Fluke multimeter its kit includes:

  1. True RMS wireless multimeter.
  2. AC175 Alligator clips.
  3. TL175 Test leads.
  4. User manual.

Productivity of 3000 FC series Fluke wireless multimeter

3000 FC series Fluke multimeter increases productivity and saves time by sharing data within seconds with your manager and team members without leaving your seats and also get reviews from your members & manager if any changes required. 
  1. Its wireless technology allows users connectivity between their phones, laptops, Tablets and fluke enabled test tools.
  2. You can easily connected with your team members and see what they are doing through Sharelive video calls.
  3. Reduces labour and save time by taking hundreds of reading simultaneously.
  4. Reduces error.
  5. Easily communicate with your Android and iOS devices through fluke connect mobile app.
  6. With the help of PC adapter, you can see your results on the computer.
  7. It is user-friendly captures reading after different intervals either in hour or seconds as per user requirement.
  8. Before downloading data, it records multiple sessions and data got saved in .csv format for user convenience.

Interesting capabilities of 3000 FC series Fluke wireless multimeter

3000FC Fluke multimeter has some intersting capabilities which help professional technicians alot like you can share and analyse your data immediately through Sharelive Video calls etc.
  1. Easily connected with a laptop and analyse results simultaneously.
  2. Through its wireless USB adapter, you can easily collect data from remote modules.
  3. Perform analysis on your PC and share results like data or graphs with your Teammates through Share live video calls and get suggestions from them if any changes required or not.
  4. With the help of fluke connect wireless modules it records larger readings.
  5. Displays the reading coming from 3 wireless modules.

How much it is convenient and safe to use?

3000 FC series Fluke multimeter is very convenient and safe to use because of its durability and flexibility. Several reasons of its convenience are:
  1. Immediately send test data to the managers and teammates to find out if there are some corrections needed or not.
  2. For future, all the test data got automatically download in your computer, makes it more reliable.
  3. You can easily distinguish between results because multiple measurements are shown on one screen at one time with the help of modules.
  4. Record up to 65000 sets of min/max readings over single or multiple logging.
  5. It consists of two holders one is integrated holder which protects the meter and other is probe holder which maintains the accessories in an organized way.
  6. Minimize the risk of arc flash and keep you away from hazardous conditions.
  7. Set up the measurement once and the user can anytime or infinite times read it when it wants and avoids awkward & uncomfortable measurement positions.
  8. You can see multiple measurements on one screen in one time.
  9. Each reading & session is Time stamped.
For its brief description, you can follow its manuals & Datasheets. Hope we provide interesting information regarding this multimeter. For any suggestions please comment below.

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