Fluke VT Series IR Thermometers is a combined package of a spot thermometer with a visual advantage of an infrared heat map. It is an ideal tool at that time when a single spot infrared temperature reading isn’t enough & a high-resolution thermal image is more than you need. As compare to traditional thermometers, this series thermometer can displays & captures a blended infrared & visual image instantly. You can get the complete picture in one blended picture and eliminate the hectic tasks of taking multiple readings.
       Fluke VT04 IR thermometer

Models of Fluke VT Series IR Thermometer

Fluke VT Series IR thermometer comes in 3 models. Models of Fluke VT Series IR Thermometer are:

  1. Fluke VT02 visual IR Thermometer 
  2. Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer 
  3. Fluke VT04A visual IR Thermometer 

Key Features of Fluke VT Series IR Thermometer

Fluke VT Series IR Thermometers have following features:

  1. Pocket size design makes it very durable, you can fit it into your tool bag or pocket as per your comfortable zone. 
  2. Smart View software store up to thousands of images per GB on the SD card & make reports with fluke professional reporting software. 
  3. Visual IR thermometers give you an extraordinary temperature measurement features at very affordable price i.e. it Fits your budget. 
  4. Its Intuitive interface, allow us to do work as soon as you take it out of the box. 
  5. Infrared heat map blending makes you to blend the digital image with heat map overlay at 0%, 25%, 75%,& full infrared with one button. 
  6. Centre point Temperature and Hot & Cold markers identify hottest & coldest spot within an area of view. 
  7. Battery works as long as up to 8 hours. 

Well guys, as we know Fluke VT04 & VT04A IR thermometers are the enhanced versions of Fluke VT02 IR thermometer. Some additional features of these thermometers are:

(i) Time lapse & Alarm features:

  1. Whenever the temperature threshold exceeds then high and the low temperature starts flashing. 
  2. Automatically captures images after a user selected temperature threshold has been exceeded. 
  3. At the set interval of time automatically capture images. 

(ii) See more with PyroBlend® Plus optics:

  1. Captures four times sharper images than VT02. 
  2. For tight spaces has an excellent field of view: 28° x 28°. 
Every Fluke Visual IR thermometer has a built-in digital camera with an infrared heat map overlay to instantly identify the exact location of the problem. The display of the Fluke VT series IR Thermometers is shown below:

                              Fluke VT04 Thermometer heat map overlay

Uses of  Fluke Visual IR thermometer

It is the award winning product of fluke that combines the convenience of on spot thermometer and image capturing. We are providing you following reasons regarding its usability. Top reasons for preferring this troubleshooting tool are:
(i) Detect issues rapidly: To detect the exact location of problem you may sometimes take multiple readings but these thermometers has built-in digital camera with a thermal heat map rapidly examine the exact location of problem and makes you free from taking multiple grid readings.

                                    Vt04 Ir thermometer  detecting issue

(ii) Professionally document your work: With the help of Smartview software it stores up to thousands of images per GB on SD card & make fluke professional reports. Easily communicates issues or documents repair that have been made. 

(iii) Uncover issues which we may miss sometimes: While performing work we may sometimes miss some minute things which are not visible to us that inturn will create errors in our final output so this meter will uncover all such things. Like in this typical AC condenser as shown below, you can quickly determine the uneven distribution of heat in center flow which may indicate a potential issue. It could easily be missed if we use Traditional IR thermometer as compare to this meter.
Fluke Vt04 thermometer uncover issues diagram
(iv) Durable: You can easily carry it anywhere you want. As shown in the figure below you can fit it into your tool bag or pocket or in hand as per your requirement. 

(v) No Training Required: Without any training you can easily operate this thermometer because it is an ideal frontline troubleshooting tool that can uncover the issues right out of the box. Like as shown in the figure below indicates that breaker 20 is overloaded inside the machine and it requires further investigation. 

(vi)Measures Temperature with confidence: As compared to traditional IR thermometer, Fluke Visual IR thermometer gives you the visual image of exactly what you are measuring while traditional thermometers show an average temperature of an area.
Hope this article will help you.

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