Fluke TiS65 infrared Camera is also known as Thermal imager, based on IR fusion technology into which the infrared & the instant blending of visible light along with picture in picture mode, easily disclose both problem & location. It is an ideal tool for identifying moisture & heat issues in process industries and industrial/electrical maintenance. For quick identification of problems, it provides good resolution, accuracy & range before they become worse. It is well suited for those professional technicians who need quality images for a quick scan or spasmodic inspections.

Fluke TiS65 infrared camera

Focused Flexibility of Fluke TiS65 infrared Camera:

Fluke TiS65 infrared Camera has manual focus flexibility because of its reliability and availability. We are going to explain here some of its flexibility features:

(a) Rugged Fluke Reliability

  1. Built-in laser pointer easily pinpoint the problems.
  2. Image quality is good i.e. up to 260*195 resolutions.
  3. With manual focus flexibility as close at 0.15m produce the best image as possible.
  4. Distance to spot ratio is 417:1.
  5. With 3.5 inches, 320*240 LCD you can view 33% area more as compared to 3.0 inch LCD screen.
  6. Prevent unexpected power loss.
  7. Replaceable batteries.

(b) Manage your images from anywhere and securely store it.

  1. With internal 4 GB memory and 4GB micro SD card, stores thousands of images into its memory.
  2. Wi-Fi uploaded into its cloud storage.
  3. Has free storage with Fluke cloud storage.

Key features of Fluke TiS65 infrared Camera:

This infrared camera is used in many applications because of its extraordinary features. Here we put shadow on features which will help you selecting this camera for your work.
  1. In focus quality image.
  2. Measures Temperature up to -4°F to 1022° (-20°C to 550°C).
  3. IR fusion technology– Capture details, Analyse problems and easily identify the location.
  4. Lithium ion smart battery with five segment LED charge level display.
  5. Digital camera- 5 megapixels.
  6. With fluke connect app, email & share images in real time.
  7. Frame rate: 30 Hz.
  8. Thermal sensitivity: ≤ 0.08 °C at 30 °C target temperature (80 mK).
  9. Engineered to withstand a 2m drop.
  10. The Spatial resolution of 2.4 mRad & has the spectral band of 7.5 to 14 µm.
  11. Voice annotation.

 Expanding capabilities of TiS65 infrared Camera

You can easily expand capabilities of your Fluke TiS65 infrared Camera as per your need. Here we are going to explain you some capabilities like:
  1. SmartView software: You can analyse images, convert image file in multiple formats & create a professional report with F1 reports with this smart view software. You can easily download this software from Fluke site at free of cost.
  2. Batteries and chargers: By using a car charger, an extra battery or charging base you can expand your camera powering capability.
  3. Lenses: You can capture image close-up or from a distance with optional lenses is available with Expert & professional series cameras.
  4. Sun visors: You can use Sun visors which reduce the LCD screen glare.
Note: The Infrared lens makes it possible to view and inspect things very closely that would be challenging to see with a standard IR lens due to its size & distance.

For comparison look above the image given above which shows you how closely you can view any object with the help of Fluke TiS65 infrared Camera.

Accessories of Fluke TiS65 infrared camera

Fluke TiS65 infrared Camera kit includes:

  1. Soft transport bag.
  2. Quick start guide.
  3. USB cable.
  4. Micro SD card.
  5. Statement of Factory calibration.
  6. 2 smart lithium ion batteries.
  7. 1 rugged lithium ion smart battery.
  8. Rugged, Hard carrying case.
  9. Adjustable hand strap.
  10. AC charger with adapter for battery charging & AC operation.
  11. Safety Sheet.

From this article you got some idea of Fluke TiS65 infrared camera.Hope you all like it.We always appreciate yours suggestions.

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