Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator

Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator is a masterpiece builds for all the masters of temperature.Well guys as we know, Temperature plays a crucial role in many industries & electronics laboratories like cooking temperature in food processing, Voltage and current measurements in electronic laboratories, verifying the temperature in the refrigeration system etc.It measures and sources the variety of 10 thermocouples types, 7 RTD’s types, volt, ohm with one instrument. Now you can carry one tool to expertly test all the transmitters & temperature sensor in your plant. It is very cheap and easy to use because it has no menus control.

Temperature terminologies

Before calibrating Temperature with Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator, let’s go through some temperature terminologies.

(i) Excitation Current:

To determine the actual resistance for temperature measurement, a constant current is applied to an RTD probe. This current is known as Excitation current. Typical values are 2 mA or less to minimize self- heating of the probe.

(ii) ITS-90:

It stands for international Temperature scale of 1990, modified version of IPTs-68 (International practical scale of 1968) with additional references. To define the measurement of temperature, this standard adopted the intrinsic standard method.

(iii) Lead Resistance compensation:

While making an RTD measurement, this compensation method reduces the error associated with lead resistance.
(iv)  Dry well calibrator:

For the verification of temperature sensors, we are using this type of calibrators. This calibrator uses a precision oven to source precise temperature. 

(v)  Seebeck effect:

It is also known as thermoelectric effect into which the voltage potential increases with temperature in a junction of dissimilar metals.

(vi)  Reference Temperature:

For fluke calibration tools, this is the temperature where thermocouple plug is connected to the calibrator. It is the temperature at which a thermocouple temperature measurement is referenced.

(vii)  Resistance temperature device:

This device senses the predictable changes in resistance when any change in temperature occurs. Common most RTD used is PT100-385.

(viii)  Triple point of water:

It is the intrinsic standard of temperature reference point at which water is liquid, gas and ice. The reference point is 0.01°

Key Features of Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator:

Following features of Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator are:

  1. With auto step & auto ramp, it executes remote tests.
  2. For later use store frequently used test setups.
  3. Design: Rugged, Reliable.
  4. To test sensors & transmitters, it measures RTD’s, thermocouples, ohms & volts.
  5. Dual display: View input & output simultaneously.
  6. Perform fast linearly test with 25% & 100 % steps.
  7. Large battery capacity.
  8. Battery door for easy change.
  9. Good backlight.
  10. Shape: compact and streamlined makes it easy to carry.
  11. Handles high-speed pulse RTD circuits and provide loop power.
  12. Dual line measures/source display lets you source temperature & view loop current at the same time.

 Measuring accuracy and source accuracy of Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator

(i) Measure accuracy:

  1. Resistance: 0.1 to 1.5%.
  2. Current DC: 0.02%
  3. Thermocouples: 0.7 to 1.8 °C.
  4. RTD: 0.2 to 0.33 °C.
  5. Voltage DC: 0.025% to 0.02%.

(ii)Source Accuracy:

  1. Voltage DC: 0.025 to 0.02%.
  2. Resistance: 0.15 Ω to 1 Ω.

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