Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter is very popular multimeter with the additional feature of the detachable wireless display. With its innovative wireless detachable display, it allows you to measure readings 30 ft away from the measurement point. It makes professional technicians work in two places at once i.e. perform two-man jobs alone.

Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter

It is manufactured at the Fluke worldwide headquarters in Everett, WA. For sending measurements to the detachable display, a 2.4 GHz ISM band wireless transmitter is used which increases productivity and improving safety for today’s professional technicians in industries. In our previous article, we explain Voltage,current measurements and Frequency, temperature measurement.

Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter Features:

Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter is a tool that makes your work easier and measures safely while placing the meter in any of the areas like near moving machinery, in hazardous areas & in a clean room. Following features are:
  1. Measure voltage up to 1000V AC & DC.
  2. Measures current up to 10A.
  3. When the display is connected to the meter, the radio transmitter turns off automatically.
  4. For capturing variations automatically it did Min/Max and average recording.
  5. Measure capacitance up to 10,000 μF.
  6. Built in thermometer allows you to measure temperature without any external device.
  7. Auto power off enhances battery life.
  8. Measure Frequency up to 50 KHz. 
  9. 6000- count display.
  10. It is a True RMS multimeter i.e. for nonlinear signals it gives accurate measurements.
  11. Without holding its meter, you can safely make measurements.
  12. Easy to read display with large digits and bright backlight.
  13. Long battery life of approximate 400 hours.
  14. Safely rated- CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000V.

Accessories of Fluke 233 wireless digital multimeter:

Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter Kit includes:
  1. AC175 Alligator clips.
  2. 3AA batteries (for the main body).
  3. Holster.
  4. 2AA batteries (for display).
  5. TL75 Test leads.
  6. 80BK-A Temperature probe.
  7. Printed, Getting started User manual and the complete manual on CDROM

Benefits of Detachable wireless display of Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter:

Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter has one of the advantages is a detachable display which makes it very beneficial for users. Following are:
  1. You can easily view your readings when the test point is near or away from your room.
  2. You can see your test results even when the meter is hidden behind any electronics equipment.
  3. It makes you free from setting the position of the meter.
  4. You can pay your full attention while reading your test results.
  5. Reduces the risk of arc flash by maintaining the distance between you and hazardous measurement situations.
  6. You can easily record test data, even when the test location is hard to reach or in a messy, noisy environment. Run tests and read results at a safe distance from shock.

What does the СЄ symbol indicate at the back side of Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter?

The product is marked CE to indicate that it is protective to certain essential requirements concerning the environment, health, safety and consumer protection as mentioned by the European commission. For this conformance, it is mandatory through the use of directives. Products and its types from outside the European Union will affect by these directives and cannot be imported and sold if they do not comply with these applicable directives. By proving conformance to a relevant standard like IEC61010-1 for low voltage products, you can easily achieve its compliance with the directive. Basically, the CE mark is a guarantee of independent testing.

Applications of Fluke 233 wireless Digital Multimeter:

  1. Test and Measurement.
  2. Industrial.
  3. Repair & Maintenance.
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