Fluke 170 Series is the most preferred series of multimeter for professional technicians because of its reliability, precision, high performance at a very affordable price and ease of use.

This multimeter matches the industry standard with all the features you need to troubleshoot and repair many problems in electronic and electrical systems. Here we explain fluke 170 series multimeter models, features and accessories etc in detail.

Fluke 170 Series Multimeter models:

Fluke 170 Series Multimeters includes three models:

  1. Fluke 175
  2. Fluke 177
  3. Fluke 179

In this article, we are going to discuss the features of the Fluke 170 series multimeter and compare these 3 multimeters in various terms. So, let’s first see its features.

Features of Fluke 170 Series Multimeter

First, we are listing some of the features that are common in all of these models. These are general features that you can see and decide if you want to go with Fluke 17x series multimeter or not. After these features, read on for comparison table between Fluke 175 vs 177 vs 179.

  1. Range: Manual and Automatic.
  2. Measures capacitance 10000μF and frequency 100 kHz
  3. Count resolution: 6000
  4. Safely rated for use in CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V environments.
  5. Hold: Auto & Display.
  6. Measures Continuity & Diode, Resistances.
  7. An ergonomic case with integrated protective holster.
  8. Exchange battery and fuses easily without opening the case.
  9. Minimum-maximum average recording.
  10. Through Front panel, closed case calibration can be done.
  11. Easily filtered the rapidly changing inputs through.
  12. Smoothing mode.
  13. Lifetime warranty.

Fluke 175 vs 177 vs 179 Comparison Table

Features Fluke 175 Fluke 177 Fluke 179
True RMS Yes Yes Yes
AC/ DC Voltage Measurement Yes Yes Yes
AC/ DC Current Measurement Yes Yes Yes
AC Voltage Range (0.1 mV – 1000 V) (0.1 mV – 1000 V) (0.1 mV – 1000 V)
DC Voltage Range (0.1 mV – 1000 V) (0.1 mV – 1000 V) (0.1 mV – 1000 V)
AC Current Range (0.01 mA – 10 A) (0.01 mA – 10 A) (0.01 mA – 10 A)
DC Current Range (0.01 mA – 10 A) (0.01 mA – 10 A) (0.01 mA – 10 A)
Resolution AC/DC Voltage 0.1mV
(600.0 mV / 0.1 mV
6.000V / 0.001V
60.00V / 0.01V)
(600.0 mV / 0.1 mV
6.000V / 0.001V
60.00V / 0.01V)
(600.0 mV / 0.1 mV
6.000V / 0.001V
60.00V / 0.01V)
Resolution AC/DC Current 0.01 mA 0.01 mA 0.01 mA
DC Voltage Accuracy ±(0.15%+2) ±(0.09%+2) ±(0.09%+2)
Counts 6,000 6,000 6,000
Manual/Autoranging Both Both Both
Backlight No Yes Yes
Analog Bargraph Yes Yes Yes
Difference table for Fluke 175, Fluke 177 and Fluke 179

Fluke 170 series multimeter Accessories

It is available for sale in Canada and United States only. Fluke 170 True RMS Digital multimeter kit includes:

  1. Test Leads.
  2. 80BK Temperature probes.
  3. Users Manual.
  4. Installed 9V battery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How is Fluke 177 and 179 different from Fluke 175?

Fluke 177, Fluke 179 and Fluke 175 all are different models of Fluke 170 series digital multimeter. Fluke 179 is most preferred for industrial experts while Fluke 175 works well for use in the home.

The Current, and Voltage measurement ranges and Resolutions are the same for all of these but Fluke 179 wins because of higher measurement accuracy, temperature measurement, and back-light features.

  • Why Fluke 179 is called True RMS Multimeter?

As we all know, when we measure an ideal AC signal i.e. a true sine wave, many times it results in an imperfect and deformed waveform due to different conditions. While measuring these waves with a meter which is not a True RMS (Root mean square), the result obtained shows very inaccurate readings and for industries, accuracy is the most important factor.

Fluke 179 is considered True RMS Digital multimeter because it displays accurate readings from a series of complex mathematical algorithms. It is the most demandable product of professional technicians.

  • Why FLuke 179 get preferred over Fluke 177?

When we measure temperature we have to attach some external device to the multimeter. But Fluke 179 True RMS multimeter measures temperature quickly because of its inbuilt temperature measurement characteristic.

It measures temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. That’s why we prefer this multimeter over another multimeter of Fluke 170 series.

  • How adaptable is Fluke 179?

Fluke 179 True RMS Digital multimeter is very much adaptable as you can use it anywhere, anytime whenever you need it. In loud, high energy, messy, crowded, high places wherever you want, it can perform its job very accurately. You can blindly trust this meter for your accurate work.

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