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    pn junction diode charactristic apparatus image

    PN junction Diode Characteristics and Biasing

    Pn junction is one of the most important structures in today’s semiconductor technology used in transistors, FET and many types of integrated circuits. In our previous articles, we have seen  p-n junction formation from...

    Fluke 88V Deluxe automotive multimeter: Brief description

    Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive multimeter is a complete automotive diagnostic package. It offers virtually everything you need in an automotive multimeter. To solve more problems on hybrid and conventional vehicles, it has improved troubleshooting...

    Fluke 11x series Digital multimeter : Overview

    Fluke introduced distinct models of Fluke 11x series digital multimeters, used by a different group of users as per their working principle. The four models i.e. Fluke 114, 115,116,117 of these series are ideal...
    rectifier image

    Half Wave Rectifier Efficiency Equation and Applications

    In Half wave rectifier, the diode conducts only for positive input voltages i.e. one-half of the AC wave is removed because it cannot pass through the diode. As the name indicates it rectify only half...

    Fluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer: Brief Description

    Fluke VT04 visual IR ThermometerFluke VT04 visual IR Thermometer is the most boost up addition to the Visual IR thermometers family and is widely used for electrical and building services. It is a troubleshooting...

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