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User manual of electrical gadgets described in a very easy to understand way.


Capacitor Types and its characteristics

When we go to market for purchasing capacitors we got a little bit confused because of availability of different types of capacitors vary in their characteristics and have their pros and cons. Some capacitors can...
Fluke TiS65 infrared camera

Fluke TiS65 infrared camera: Image Capturing & IR Photonotes

In your mind, lots of questions arise like what is infrared and why we prefer infrared camera against other cameras etc. We will explain you these things one by one, hope it will help...
Fluke 77 IV multimeter

Fluke 77 IV Digital multimeter: Introduction

Fluke 77 IV series digital multimeter is an improved version of fluke 70 series considered as a good multimeter in the eyes of professional technicians because it repairs most electrical and electronic problems. It...

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