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User manual of electrical gadgets described in a very easy to understand way.

How to read a Digital Multimeter

Hey guys, sometimes due to lack of knowledge we face many problems while handling multimeters. Here we provide a brief detail about reading a multimeter, functions, and multimeter specifications which helps you a lot while...

Fluke 712B RTD Temperature calibrator: Introduction and Measurements

Fluke 712B RTD calibrator is an ideal test tool for the temperature calibration professional technicians that wants highly accurate, single function and easy to use RTD temperature calibrator.It is a single function tool used...
formation of pn junction image

Pn Junction : Basic theory

Pn junctions are formed by joining two different type of semiconductor material i.e. p-type semiconductor on one side and n-type semiconductor on another side. In this article, we are going to explain you about...

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