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User manual of electrical gadgets described in a very easy to understand way.

Top 8 Multimeter manufacturers list

There are the lots of multimeter manufacturers in the world. But not all gives you quality for your money. If you have ever been in a situation when your multimeter dumped you at the...

Transistors Basics: Types, Terminologies and more [Guide]

More topics on Transistors: Transistor operation Transistor configurations Transistor characteristics Transistor as a switch Transistor oscillator circuit  Darlington Transistor      A Transistor is an electronic device used to control the flow of an electric current. These are the miniature...
FET Vs BJT image

Difference between BJT and FET

BJT and FET both are made up of different semiconductor materials mainly P type and N type. These transistors are basically used for the designing of oscillators, amplifiers, and switches. In our last articles,...

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