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This category contains tutorials to "how to use" a gadget in a friendly way.

Diodes image

Diode: Types, operation and Symbols [Guide]

Diode is an electronic device conduct current in one direction i.e. either in the forward direction or in the reverse direction. Today’s most commonly used diode is semiconductor diode. In our previous articles, we explain...

Power Amplifier Definition, Properties and Classifications

A Power amplifier is an electronic device which provides sufficient power to an output load to drive a speaker or other power device, typically a few watts to tens of watts. The main purpose of...
Push pull amplifier image

Push Pull Amplifier Circuit, Operation, Advantages and Disadvantages

In our previous article, we have introduced you to amplifiers and its types. To recall it, An amplifier is an electronic device used to boost up the strength of the weak signal. Go through...

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