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This category contains tutorials to "how to use" a gadget in a friendly way.

Push pull amplifier image

Push Pull Amplifier Circuit, Operation, Advantages and Disadvantages

In our previous article, we have introduced you to amplifiers and its types. To recall it, An amplifier is an electronic device used to boost up the strength of the weak signal. Go through...

Fluke TiX520 infrared camera: Controls

Hey guys, here we are going to explain you how Fluke TiX520 captures images, Controls etc. Before using Fluke TiX520 infrared camera, it is always recommended to go through its features guidelines. Image Capturing with Fluke TiX520...
Leds image

LED construction, working principle, Types, Bulbs and Advantages

Led or Light emitting diode is a semiconductor device that emits or produces light when an electric current passes through it. Led lighting can be more versatile, efficient and long lasting as compare to...

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