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    Power Amplifier Definition, Properties and Classifications

    A Power amplifier is an electronic device which provides sufficient power to an output load to drive a speaker or other power device, typically a few watts to tens of watts. The main purpose of...
    Fluke 726 calibrator

    Fluke 726 calibrator Measurements: Source Mode

    Hello guys, here we put some shadow on Fluke 726 multifunction calibrator measurements in source mode. In this mode, calibrator generates calibrated signals for testing and calibrating process instruments, simulates the electrical output of the...
    bridge rectifier image

    Bridge Rectifier Circuit, Operation, Characteristics & Advantages

    Full wave bridge rectifier is another type of full wave rectifier used to convert an alternating current input into a direct current output. In a bridge circuit configuration, it comprises of four diodes that...

    Fluke TiX520 infrared camera: IR fusion Technology and Features

    Fluke Tix520 infrared camera is an ideal choice of professional technicians because it allow thermographers to navigate over, around and under objects to preview and capture images.It is the one of the creative addition...
    Fluke 77 IV multimeter

    Fluke 77 IV Digital multimeter: Introduction

    Fluke 77 IV series digital multimeter is an improved version of fluke 70 series considered as a good multimeter in the eyes of professional technicians because it repairs most electrical and electronic problems. It...

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